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With One More Look at You (Streisand Barbra)

With one more look at you I could learn to tame the clouds And let the sun shine through Leave a troubled past and I might start anew I'll solve the mysteries if you're the prize Refresh these tired eyes With one more look at you I might overcome the anger That I learned to know Find a piece of mind I lost so long ago Your gentle touch has made me strong again And I belong again For when you look at me I'm everything and more that I had dreamed I'd be My spirit feels a promise I won't be alone We'll love and live more Love and live forever With one more look at you I'd learn to change the stars And change our fortunes too I'd have the constellations paint your portrait too So all the world might share this wonderous sight The world could end each night With one more look at you With one more look at you I want one more look at you