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It Won't Last (Hensley Ken)

You can run away You can choose to stay Deny the fact Put on a lousy act You can hide your face In some new favourite place Maybe you'll stay a while Maybe you'll even smile But it won't last No need to take the blame No need to change your name It wasn't your mistake You were trapped And you had to escape Go on and ride the crest Thinking it's you that's blessed Wear a new coat of paint Act like the sweetest saint But it won't last But you can't hide it from your eyes Deep in your heart you hate the lies Somehow the fear will always be too near And just like your last mistake The road you take will lead you here To me it's clear, it's never gonna last Now that you've heard the voice Could be your final choice You're looking one last chance Straight in the face Stand up and fight the fight Against all that's wrong inside Just turn and walk away Into a brighter day Then it might last You did it time and time again It always ended up the same How did you hide from all the pain You know you left behind One day you'll turn around Totally alone with no way out I have no doubt 'cause You can't hide it from your eyes