New Sun Rising (Kurhaus)

hey boys, hey girls, my friends let's go and change the world tonight can be the night - we gotta start today let's set our hearts on fire - we gotta start today the future isn't written yet, we can change it, we can and we f**king will this is still our world, you cannot steal it - try it and be killed brothers, sisters, comrades there's so much left to burn make room for a new world - we gotta start today destroy and recreate - we gotta start today no matter what we're gonna built, it will be better than the world today there's nothing worse than armageddon, worse than this we're gonna fight and we're gonna win standing at the edge of the bridge looking at the ocean, seeing a new sun rise the water turning red, distorted faces start to smile ...again no ethic norms, no moral laws, this is our chance to start again to built a world based on equality not power freedom, justice, solidarity (it's fate, we can't fail)