Pop Music Diarrhoea (Kurhaus)

i know you are like me we are the same in fact still of a different kind but can we take it back evolution made its way the righteous is the freak the strongest will survive now everyone is weak we eat the shit that's served costs only sixteen bucks wrapped up in plastic bags must be the perfect luck but i cannot breathe like this i have it up to here look at the lipstick crowd pop music diarrhoea is there a place for me down at your new age store between some piercing rings and another trendy bore your breasts are filled with plastic and plastic is your mind aged fifteen, life is tough an exit you can't find come daddy pay my bills i have to have it all i don't care where you stand when it comes to the big fall but i'll stand pumped up on drugs with a gun in my hand in a small town shopping mall smiling, waiting for the end have you seen us it's time for war plastic venus is on the fall hey boy, look in the mirror a trademark is what you are i wish you'd burn yourself down burn down your house and car a smile that seems amorphous pressed into tiny pills you never dig on drugs as long as they down kill this cannot be my species this cannot be my time your new world may be so brave but i'm on the other side seeing you, it makes me sick i feel the gun in my hand your uniforms are coloured but you're a fascist in my head have you seen us it's time for war plastic venus soon will fall that's why i hide inside my shell