The Harmless Armless (Kurhaus)

endless pain - like sand paper on your tongue, wax dropping in your eye dumb and blind - can't face my enemy, can't tell what's left to scream the clouds are gathering, the sun can't break the mist the dogs begin to howl, the birds have left for south a lightning i can't see and a thunder i can't answer now seven years of rain, like acid in the wounds i cut - or scratched with my fingernails and bit with my own teeth the mirror goddamn shows - a dreamer without dreams, a boxer without arms endorphin, special k - i do not think this is the end, it's just a break get yourself a new beer - lean back and watch me fry the big circular-saw we call god approaches unstoppable here i stand before you - soaking wet, covered with stars can't tell what i feel for you - soaked with blood, covered with scars my wrists call for a knife, i won't help'em find one one life, no sense - and the rain keeps falling down (knock out in the first round hail ex-girlfriend all thumbs go down)