The Song With The Golden Arm (Kurhaus)

hey save from food to run the label and yeah mending shoes to repair the van holidays or an amp that works a family or on tour with friends doing shit jobs for the music quit your job to play a show ideals we share and visions that we have we live the dream, our actions spread the word a privacy called sleeping bag and a van that is called home hungry but full of passion punk is no career a love for music a love for the notes a passion maybe taken way too far and if no one in this world can understand be sure that we'll be there embracing you with golden arms one day you'll wake up and your records sell like candy and your shows are all sold out the majors, they went broke d.i.y. rules the world music means passion you know you deserve it though you don't care if it comes true life love no regret we show the world that it is possible to live outside the system, cooperate in mutual aid to be free fighting, breaking way for the change to come living the life that we are denied x'ed up hands and mohawks starting to question answers let the riot - start tonight - here we go