Under White Death (Kurhaus)

(out in the blistering cold i'm screaming hold me, protect me won't you ever let me down) dying down here in the hole unsatisfied with the world outside there must be something more a place where hearts don't freeze the rainbow isn't dyed so white a place that's full of life what do you search for, little rabbit? i search for the spring, is it you? no i'm not the spring, i'm just a mole thank you dear mole, cross your fingers i will find it maybe one day soon! i'll have to find it! (searching for an end of this winter to come she knows every road has to start with a first step) heartless winter buried alive under white death kill all the white men (those with carrot noses and those without) i have to find a bear to carry me home what i need is a friend to show me where home is what i need is you help me, embrace me what i need is truth let this winter end