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Journal Entry (Chasing Victory)

In this life that we ride my feet are just too far away For us to embrace the days We can pull the shades back now and burn up Just let go Burn a bridge, bury the ashes It's time to fall in love, we got fooled again We though we were something special We were wrong We were so lost but you knew all along That this flipped car and a cut across your face Across your pride could get me driving again Like a warning sign on the side of a rode I'm driving nails into my own hands On crossed over boards that are covered in red blood We can pull together no matter what I'll bite my tongue to keep me from saying These things with blood on my hands I'll bite my tongue to keep me from saying These things I've been holding back for so long I wanted to thank you for the times That you spent here on Earth So I could hang around in your place You can walk around in my shoes, I'll be there in years or so We can talk about something other than the weather And the people that are still dying here on Earth