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Keep Frontin (Cena John)

I shoulda been out, I'm de-de-deadly when I pu-pu-pull the pin out, keep frontin I'ma try-try-try ya chin out I knocked a lot-lot-lot-lot out of men out Keep frontin, I'ma try-try-try ya chin out I knocked a lot-lot I knocked a lot-lot-lot out of men out Keep frontin, keep frontin, keep frontin, keep frontin Yo Right now I wanna teach all you MC's out there How to be Effective Let's ride Do y'all know what time it is when everybody game is everybody else's hustle and everybody's shame is somebody else's blame, whatever I became I did it with hot rhymes and a lung full of flame I never refrain, from loadin up and takin aim Like chicks flows are different, I never cum/come the same My mic will be the dame, written or off the brain I show up with my chest pumpin hard like Notre Dame I lose then I regain, hustle is in the vein I'm drinkin protein shakes to muscle up the brain In the black Chevy Suburban sippin champagne with champagne, dick out doin the damn thang We movin in the fast lane, with them black thangs On the way to the Bronx, to do the ski-mask thang I don't know what's so funny cause I ain't laughing The part is for a dead body, guess who's casting Alright bro, I'm hearin you I'ma see what I can do See how I can rip it And be, effective Follow this Cena spittin with the Bump Bump Bump for the Knux Your whole crew gettin dumped dumped dumped with the chumps We rollin like Donald Trump Trump Trump with the bucks Your bitch-ass gettin jump jump jumped cause you suck Follow me, you stick around round round when it's hot You claimin that you down down down but you not You try to offer me a pound pound pound you get got I can't wait to hear the sound sound sound of you shot You hearin me, it's time to show show show I got plans That's all you brought you bettter go go go get your mans A legal hustle, ain't no no fuckin with grams Stash the heat cause I can throw throw throw with my hands I'm tellin you, on screen screen screen with these flicks Catch me on the scene scene scene with three chicks I fuck like a fiend fiend fiend with three dicks Fuck a sixteen teen teen I'm just sick Yeah, what's good fellas I'm feelin y'all man Most these cats Can't engineer, they career Yeah, Trademarc, bout to Bout to show y'all How to be, effective My camou' colors dog they be beige and brown That shit was all love 'til you cowards came around With the same ol' sound that's why your payroll down That's how the game go now that's why you ain't gain ground Cause you stuck on then dog, you ain't on now And that's how it's been baby cause you ain't know how You move your pen lazy maybe or your beats don't pound I move quicker than the word on the street go 'round I write down every lesson that my peeps hold down You let your heat go blaow if you ain't speak profound I write sixteens down 'til I hit green now Makin up slang, ain't know what shit mean now Trademarc, Marc Predka, jot the real name down You can catch it on every marquee in town Sayin Trademarc, ain't nobody like you now Probably sweatin this track dog, go wipe your brow You see, that's all it takes Is for a man to make an effort to be, effective And if you're not, effective... then you're defective Hahahaha..