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Summer Flings (Cena John)

Yeah we doin things now man It's just another day in the life y'know Always tryin to do some big bid'ness Sometimes when we havin fun Some shit goes down y'know, you ain't expectin nothin Then, somethin come out of nothin It was just another typical day in the summer Me, Trademarc, Crouch and my little brother We put the whips out, we cruise up to the strip man Three wheel motion killin fools like a hit man We on some chill shit, vibin out But we still in the mix, fuck hidin out On the corner of L Street, I locked eyes with her I ain't steppin man this bitch had guys with her She came through the crowd and walked over to me Catchin P off guard, she actin like she knew me Her name was Shannon, she was canon She's hangin with Melissa, this big booty chick you couldn't miss her This chick was like a fitted cap, all over my dome Said she wanna be down, but I ain't takin her home That's when she said she live right down the street She love white chocolate, well I got somethin sweet Saw you walkin down the street and I heard you say you had somethin sweet for me Lover.. (somethin sweet) lover.. somethin sweet We run game, fill the blanks in, what's your hon's name I can take an Eva hot bitch like bum change Playin hard to get when I step, I'm afraid I can treat a chick like cheap gas and upgrade Whatever you need, whatever you want With Trademarc on your arm, girl what more could you flaunt There's just something about us, summer fling got you wondering where I'll be in spring, but that's another thing I'll be out girl, quicker than tans If you want somethin stick hurr, stick wit'cha man I ain't lookin for a lover girl, I'm lookin for sex I can tell you I got money or I'm pushin a Lex Whatever gets you hot, that's what I say next Gettin passed through the crew girl that's a safe bet I think it's funny how it doesn't take a whole lot Trademarc's like an open flame, getting girls hot Yo... with these sweet flows, the streets knows whether we pimped out in streets clothes, we the bomb like deep throws My speech grows to reach hoes - all over the globe I got class like a Ric Flair robe Man I'm in and out quick like Jordan in the zone D takin out a bitch like a pass from Shaq to Kobe You know me with a extra set of hands a bitch couldn't hold me man I leave 'em lonely If I catch a glimpse of your chick when she smile and fine I make sure she lose your number, she'd be dialin mine I ain't about a wife even if she won this right I'll fuck for seven days but stand for one night Man we decked out John, the strict gutter I'll have a girl repeatin my name in sex like the bitch stutter I got moves lookin butter with a tight fade Forever dipped fresh man like Minot Gray [Chorus]