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What Now (Cena John)

I... will get by Touch the sky, time to fly, 'til we die For what it's worth I see the purpose of life I see below the surface and the version that you know and hold is not right Hahaha, man I oughta just laugh The only darkness ahead of me's the shadow I cast in my path (What's that?) That's the weight of my craft I breathe easy, and let my chest slowly contract And write rhymes to inform baby not to uplift If you wanna make it all, you gotta persist (yo put me on) Yeah, all that talk's a waste Cause I can read a man's thoughts by the way the lines cross his face Hold five, everything live And I vibe, ain't nobody thought this day would arrive But I balance my talents with a hope and a drive And ride beats dog, that's where my focus derive And keep notepads and vocab, that's my guide And if I got legit beef, I don't let it slide - what now My brain is impossible to thinkin philosophical Hustle in my blood, that's the only thing that's logical The only thing I gotta do to stay on or stay strong I ain't stoppin 'til I own the field that y'all play on Desperado - eyes like a bird of prey Cold soldier - crack snap your vertebrae No heater - flow sweeter than Cohiba Cinnamon dip, spice ride in the cinnamon whip Quite wide on the benjamin clip Might slide but we ain't gonna slip - no way If the meek shall inherit the earth, guess what? Y'all get the globe if they measure in, lyrical worth Trademarc flow first, make the mental work Fuck a verse - I rearrange your dental work And when it pop off, we not soft We like the Bentleys; y'all just the Chrysler knockoffs But that's life, yeah you hearin me right It's like I had to find the black of night come back to life with master insight that shine bright - I'm always learnin My burden, to blow up gifts like this, I must endure the slow burnin It's sort of strange, my philosophy's changed I take chances, jump before the water's in range And never wait for safe answers so if all that remains is lookin back at my life it never seems like I wasted glances Man it's all a big game, that's why it doesn't mean a thing That I get money and fame, it's all the same if you call me Trademarc or if you know my real name Marc Predka ain't attached to ego He's a hero for the average people, a blessing Who transcends the essence of a poet with a street flow It's not lip service I don't speak to hear myself talk And I don't wanna be a teacher; I'm grateful for all I've been taught [Chorus]