In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part - Disdain (ReVamp)

I need someone to blame! Feel contempt and betrayed, I am losing myself, my disdain takes control Being useless is worst, I can't do shit! Seeing your pain It kills me Losing you now, I'm provoked Useless I stand on the side I would take your pain if I could Is it God or the world, is there someone to blame? Is it fate or bad luck, who is failing you now? Infuriating how I'm forced to remain calm Disdain!!! Your pain became like hell to me Your death; sad way to set you free Disdained Aggravation before acceptance Scorn and hatred; a natural defence Deepest misery before salvation Godless suffering before redemption Now my nightmare's proclaimed I've found no one to blame It's a cruel twist of life Yet my rage can't be bound Exasperating how trivial we really are