The Trial of Monsters (ReVamp)

He is a man with no soul For he must have sold it years ago Laws don't apply to him anymore On top of the world, he guides those who will listen or else your death's a fact With or against him; choose your game, choose his game! Fall! The fall of a tyrant, his loss Soon it breaks him The trial of this monster. Our fight. Soon will crack him Words are binding, deeds talk Such clear language when your life's at stake While he's immune for every threat Battered, disgraced but still strong Even violence won't break all of us And even gods get what they gave; they'll have it all! And we see a proud man fall Victim's triumph Burn it all; every memory he turned black Every ally turned against He, the man who reigned them all Prove his guilt, confirm his fall Innocent till proven wrong End this nightmare, hear my song, hear our cry!