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Wild Card (ReVamp)

Fool to believe this is all you get when you start talking to me. You'll find out that there is more than meets the eye. But will you see what I mean? Come on dear, do you dare or are you empty hearted? You'll see the fire. Desire's furtive flames. You'll see them lurking in the dark. Ignore the poison. It's a diverting test. I can be sweet behind the facade. But what's the truth? I don't seem angelic. Seduction's a mind trick. And I'm quite a player! You'll freeze or you burn, now do you dare me for a ride? Hear soothing words, they can be like honey but they falsely seduce for you haven't looked me deep in the eye. Oh, I can please. But I can also try to make your worst nightmare come alive. But what's the truth? I don't seem angelic. Seduction's a mind trick and I'm quite a player. You'll freeze or you burn. But aren't I intriguing? Two faced, a wild card. A dangerous impulse; you can't fight it. Now do you dare me for a ride? Luscious hearts. Your wild card. Tempting. Erratic minds. Your wild card. Do you play? Make up my mind. Fight the demons inside. Be the light or the dark or the safe grey; choose a side. Angelically blind. The naive girl entwined with seduction. Confined to nothing but prejudice.