Heavenly (Alaine)

Baby you take me away Sweet emotion Sweet devotion Baby you take me away Kiss me softly Love me slowly It's (heavenly) Like the sunrise Tender love eyes Baby I need you stay It's so (heavenly) Woah You're my loved one Sent just for me Woah You're my angel So heavenly Woah Reign your love down Reign down on me Oohh Baby the love you give is so heavenly Heavenly eyes see into my soul And for you I would climb any mountain And baby You know me More than anyone else Beside this gift that we're sharing No other one can compare it You touch me And take me to heaven Heavenly nights and mornings are passing Crazy in love ever lasting And all that you worries All I'm ever asking For life I will always love you You are the one I belong to And my heart is no heart without you I found heaven, heaven, heaven on earth And I never, never desert you Promise I'll stay true (Oh oh) I found heaven, heaven, heaven in life And I've seen it, seen it with my own eyes It's real, so real, so real