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So Soon (Moakler Steve)

I used to roam these streets with a bicycle and my bare feet till the street lights cast their shine or my dad would say it's time to eat there were rocks that I turned over some I just left in the dirt I fall and skinned my knees and that was all I knew of her I was just learning how to dot my i's and cross my t's couldn't wait to turn the tide so never thought i'd be I started chasing happy ever after Every step that I got closer clouds kept moving faster faster next thing that I knew there were angels and they caught my eye and I drive to their houses bring them flowers red and white but hearts are misunderstood people told me love would hurt me never thought it would I started chasing happpu ever after I learned a lesson and the clouds keep moving faster faster It went up so fast, my youth it blames my hour glass is empty on its side it left before I said goodbye, goodbye my mother called today she asked me if my bills were paid tears ran down her face to hear a man in her boys place boy would you look at you now people told me this would happen but never told me how you find your way and I couldn't run after every inch that you grow taller clouds keep moving faster faster