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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Truth (Moakler Steve)

I thought I could turn it around before you knew. Before I lost, all I had. I thought I could carry the lie, and hold you too. But, I thought wrong. You slipped right through. The truth ain't something you can just out run. X2 I look into your eyes and I see shattered glass, And the faith you had in me gone like that. I gave em the the keys to what was yours and mine, And I crashed this sweet love of mine. Cuz truth ain't something you can just out run x3 Oh I'm buried alive in the things I've done. I'm crawling outta my grave. I'm looking at you with one eye open. oh I'm Afraid there's nothin left here that ain't been broken. Truth ain't something you can just out run.x2 run, run, run, run (The truth ain't the truth ain't, something you can just out run) x4