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Why We Said Goodbye (Moakler Steve)

Goodbye ay ay ay ay ay ay~ Why we said goodbye Bye ay ay ay ay ay ay~ Why we said goodbye I've never been one to make anything easy, But if I bite my tongue while you're moving on, Would your ghost ever leave me? Did I speak too soon when I said goodbye? Was I scared of love? Is that what it was that you saw in my eyes? Chorus Now that you're gone, the fact is fiction Now that you're gone, I've lost my mind Now that you're gone, I can't remember why we said goodbye ay ay ay ay ay Ay~ Why we said goodbye? Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay~ Why we said Isn't that just life? Ain't the grass so green on the other side, for you and I, Is that where we're supposed to be? Oh Chorus Oh, we could give it one more try Oh, I don't want to say goodbye Chorus