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Cassandra Complex (Star One)

You are a beautiful woman in a beautiful world but your world is gonna die I have seen the human race drop dead in the blink of an eye You created this dream out of bits and pieces filed away in your mind you’re caught inside a fantasy but we’ll find the truth inside You gotta hear me out, though you wouldn’t understand I came back to the past I have come to save our world time’s up, so we better move fast I want to help you deal with the rage you feel it’s still not too late you created your own world but it’s starting to disintegrate! Cassandra complex, everlasting scream we can change the future but we can’t change the past Cassandra complex, ever-changing dream we can shape the present but we can’t make it last I think you may be right, I’m insane after all this is all in my mind I just want to stay here with you leave the bad dream behind No, I remember you now, guess I’ve always known yes, it was me in your dream I won’t accept that we cannot change the dark future you have seen! the planet is dying, pollution of sea and air the people denying the death of the atmosphere the planet is crying, the rape of ecology the people relying on the rise of technology and now they have to die!