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Intergalactic Space Crusaders (Star One)

We’re on our way to a prison in space Our last flight, the final phase I was betrayed and now I’ve been caught As the brains of a massive fraud I can’t remember, am I insane? My mind is blank cos they emptied my brain I will return, I will be back I will unite us and we will attack I don’t care about your plans and schemes Don’t give a damn ’bout your righteous dreams All that I do, I do for myself I never cared for anyone else We have to save them, we have to try We can’t just watch while the innocent die Let’s steal this ship and start our crusade Powerful allies will come to our aid Seven fighters Navigators Intergalactic space crusaders Federation Dictators No scruples, lethal traitors Outriders Invaders Intergalactic space crusaders Domination Liberators Fighting to survive Who on Earth do you think that you are Without me you wouldn’t get far I’ve had enough of your private war Why are we fighting, what is it all for To right the wrong, to fight a good fight Living like you just wouldn’t be right I am the leader, I have the skills Either you leave or you yield to my will I can’t believe you gave us away Although it hurts, I will make you pay Don’t understand, can’t figure out why All I know, you have to die! Our strong bond couldn’t keep us apart I’ve always trusted you right from the start You’ve been deceived, they’re telling you lies I’m still the same, I’m on your side