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´Tis the Sound of Tempest That Drowns Us Out (Enochian Crescent)

Raged and burned Longer than the stars in the sky The Fiend shall conquer Turn away your heads Blackened and shattered Terrible and sublime Man is the source Of his own downfall Splintered rock, Rise of the hurricane Break the bonds, Blood-lies of humanity Ride the Fiend, Sun-souled and soaring upwards There is no tomorrow, Just a burning tomb The madness has black eyes And flaming hair, wears a smile His kingdom, incandescent Brimstone and charcoal skies Mankind, its plucked out eyes And Rotten mouth, wears a frown Its kingdom, a whispering wind Mild breeze on the brow of the dead 'Tis the sound of the tempest That drowns us out A cremation ground Ensnared and murdered by flames The protruding tongues Lick the smouldering flesh World is burning Afire and churning Alloces' alluring funeral fire Fure, the sound of the tempest The cry of the tempted Drown us out