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Black Flame Of Satan Burning (Enochian Crescent)

I call The Fire from within. Let Thy Flames grow stronger and burn higher till the enemy is won within me. Let Thy Fiery Tongues lick my soul to Charcoal Black. Let Thy Blaze burn the worm that gnawed my soul and made me weak. Let Thy Embrace burn me till nothing's left but The Purest Essence of Wrath. Let Thy Inferno grow stronger and stronger... till nothing's left but The Fire of Thine growing stronger and stronger... burning within me. I pray upon Thee burn away the disease that weakens me. Pity, compassion and love, faeces spawned by humanity. Burn them all away!!! Burn away all that makes a human of me!!! Leave only Wrath to grow and thrive within me, to consume all within me, and to reign me for all eternity. MAKE ME THY HAMMER OF WRATH!!! Let Thy Flames burn forever and ever and ever and ever!!!