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De Siatris Od Teloch (Enochian Crescent)

Come bringers of sickness and death Ogiodi, Iopgna, Atoglo and Rmlaon I invoke thee evil angels Come forth to vomit thy grief Gah iad oi as momar Spread thy (leathery) wings over the stars For I summon thee with blood And by the power of the black Craa Gah de teloch od qting Evil angels weltering in sin Come and spread thy vile semen From thy loins to mortal wombs Butmoni parm zumvi cnila Vohim ol gizyax ...De siatris od teloch ...Of venomous evil beings ...Of bitches' labor screams ...De siatris od teloch From the unclean mortal wombs Rise the cities of tombs ...De siatris od teloch ...Of venomous evil beings