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Thousand Shadows (Enochian Crescent)

Shadows crawl Over the christian kingdom Shadows crawl, shadows crawl Shadows grow In twilight every inch a demon Shadows grow, shadows grow Shadows roll Blacken skies come down Shadows roll, shadows roll Shadows growl Haunt their graveyards with terror Shadows growl, shadows growl Cloaked in darkness we wait Patient, sharpening the blades To cut and carve our names In family tree of human waste And feed all the young With blood of the days gone by The day the daylight dies And the mother of the thousand comes Oh Black Goat! Oh thou with a thousand young! Spread a forest and a desert Where was history of human life Shadows foul Shrouds on daylight the lifegiver Shadows foul, shadows foul Shadows own In end our dust and bones Shadows own, shadows own Shadows hold To the unknown on doorstep of yours Shadows hold, shadows hold Shadows stole What they were yesterday not given Shadows stole, shadows stole Leave no stone unground No door with an unbroken hinge With every curse a prayer And with every cut a gift