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Tridents Clash (Enochian Crescent)

Vel, vel Om namah shivaya For three days and nights I have not slept nor fed Dancing and drugs blur my mind And as a proof of faith His metal pierced my face The mighty trident, cheek thru cheek Vel, vel Om namah shivaya For thirty days and nights I haven't been outside Prayer and rice still my mind This is a proof of fate A living sacrifice Burn needlesness in his fire Burn! Stoke the fires up Thick smoke fills the restless air Ritual damaru Chanting and praying under his divine stare Shivalingam response A sadhulike trance Rousing me from the sleep of life towards the Cleansing in flames of agni Om namah shivaya For thirty years of life I haven't been alive Until I scrambled the mound of red hot coals That was a proof of faith Lord Shiva, Tandava He shall burn this world And put out the stars of heaven