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Vabzir Camliax (Enochian Crescent)

The lunar current within the earth It curls around the ashen, uninstructed mortals Damn them, damn them who pity! They shall be smitten and fed to celestial fire Quoth the crowned and conquering one The fiery joy, seated as a great lost god. The eagle spake! Fragrant steam sent up by offerings As the night weaves her unpenetrable veil The infinite aether of austere skies To be airborne is to be lost to the earth Evoken as an eagle yet swifter and deadlier Accursed opponent twitching on the talons of eager violence "The best blood is of the moon, monthly; Then the fresh blood of a child or dropping from the host of heaven; Then of enemies; Then of the priest or the worshippers; Last of some beast, no matter what." - LIBER AL vel LEGIS OL SONF VORSAG VABZIR CAMLIAX CASARMAN VPAAHI TOH VONPH