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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Anchor and Hope (Monty Are I)

Sturck with discontent, but I could abandon this Cause I am sure I've learned my lesson, from the anger, to the lonliness, the bliss A sudden change results in apathy I couldn't let me fall aprt Because with time comes understanding, with nuderstanding come a change of heart I swear your running cause you've lost hope (3x) It's true, it's true Pack your bags and leave Lose all respect for where you're from I can't rely on the divine in the blueprints If you return it's cause you realized you're wrong The stigma is there's a disadvantages of the smallest in the greatest machine If nothing else rely on sounds of the lighthouse, cause it brings you back to the sea Just anchor and hope Have faith in your home You'll find redemption in your home You're always looking for more The chance to open the doors is here Be patient Know that I'm sure it's coming Just anchor and hope Have faith in your home