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Break Through the Silence (Monty Are I)

Stare into my eyes, There is nothing inside. I'm a prisoner, I'm never free. Spare me your surprise, There is nowhere to hide. I'm not leaving 'til you answer me. I caught you, I knew, That you played me a like a children's game. I won't go, 'til I know, Could you tell me if you feel the same? Here we are, As we break through the silence. Raise your arms, With the help of the sirens. Holding onto hope. Stuck in shades of grey, When your tongue has been chained. Every syllable is such a waste. I try to pull away, From a bitter embrace. I'm not leaving 'til you get a taste. This isn't stained in black and white, And you know that's why I'm torn. But sooner or later we will subside, To the answers found in noise. And we'll break through the silence, Break through the silence, We'll move through the silence, On past the si...