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Kaleidoscope (Monty Are I)

I could pick apart the words you say, But never crack the code. 'Cause every little bit you give, Has me screaming for more. Do you wanna play a little game? It's called trust or fall. But I have taken your mind as a hostage, So I've already won. Call it a dangerous obsession. You can pretend you won't get caught. I've got a dangerous confession. This is a game that I've never lost It's known as competition if you learn the ropes. Like a kaleidoscope, When I give you a spin, I am in. I could complicate the words you say. I could not break down that wall. Conversations, always no replies, But you wait and you wait 'til I fall. Will you come a little closer, dear? Do you wanna have a little fun? Here we go, But you've already won.