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O Brother (Monty Are I)

O Brother where are you? (face forward and stop thinking) Do you admit regret in times of doubt? (we will think for you) A life of gun in hand, with a dedication to your land, insde out you've shown us what likfe's all about No, we cannot believe in what you said, when your whole life's been a sacrifice mislead But we still hold the pride When the gun smoke clears, we'll still salute you When you return by the tide, we'll be here to see your life through I'm confused and punctured My conscience is my only means of direction Did i sign up for suicide or a saddened bride? Three more years, no white picket fence, suffering a mental conviction Please, don't you think that now we will look down on a man who's realized what's true to him now? It's not giving up, it's seeing what else there's to see When you're soon set free, there is so much more than a camouflaged hell So cock the gun and fire into the eyes of a creat desire A fleeting destiny has turned into what's considered to be normal And I'm here for you