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Catalpa Waltz (Holland Jolie)

I waltzed this whole town Through every nook and corner And cranny, and bar I know you're out there somewhere Wherever you are Maybe the sun will rise I saw it go down and scattered Its golden light across the ground I held you in the alley My hand on your waist And your eyes were like diamonds With the light on your face Your gentle soul was open to me And I am so in love with who you be With who you be I always will love to waltz Across this city with you From the rising of the moon To the falling of the dew There's a young catalpa tree Out behind the record store I'll always remember The way you looked at me Your light was so pure I could hear The door of our fate creaking ajar I could hear the key in the hand of God Turning inside the lock We sat down to the feast of our youth And you are the first and the last to ever be The first to love me for who I am Make sure I understand and I'll understand