Holes In His Hands (Seven Places)

You said your days were over That the sun would never shine again From glory days, to wicked ways You've lost your forgiveness of sin You walk through your desert Wondering why and what you've become You said you've slipped through the fingers Of the hands of God [Chorus:] You've fallen out of His hands Or atleast that's what you said The truth is not that the truth is this The only way to esacape The Lord is if you crawl Through the holes in His hands. I ran away I did not lead you say in the darkness you stand But you are not forgotten, you're in His mighty hands Now turn aside and see this sight, a flame that does not consume To show you that He's called your name You're one of His chosen few [Chorus] Come closer, come closer now to Him Come closer, come closer His name is I am that I am You said your days were over That the Son would never use you again But by one man's disobedience Came One who's conquered your sin [Chorus]