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See The Rain (Go Away) (Seven Places)

The trees are bending in the angry wind that blows Those big black clouds look like they're going to exlode I made this boat for us to ride until the storm goes away I'll give you three reasons why it's time to be afraid One, I've never sailed before Two, never navigated a storm Three, I look so small compared to all of these waves. [Chorus:] I will see the rain go away, see the rainbow The light of blue is bursting through the grey and I will hear the thunder roll away I am seasick as lay limp across this rail Nowhere to go but here and I feel like I am in jail We've been here forty days and nightes Over this one window we fight And now I hear Him give three reasons why not to complain One, He didn't let me drown Two, not a single leak was found Three, we just got evidence we're headed for some solid ground. [Chorus] The night is followed, the night is swallowed by the day The night is followed, the night is swallowed by the day.