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When Hatred Comes To Life (One Man Army and the Undead Quartet)

Over your shoulders They're breathing down your neck So cold and deceiving Crusade of christian perversions Heaven's ejection We're the free and afflicting ones With a burning mind apart Empty and shattered souls You put my heart in darkness You made the sky turn black You made hell, you made me Abusing amusement down the dumps Revolution in progress Worldwide devastation unfolds Destroying what that dog has "built" The hatred turns on christ Black souls outnumbered Still getting stronger and stronger Let's show those fuckers we're made of steel And we take no shit!!! You put my heart in darkness Now it's payback time Freedom in the black society Storm of hatred When darkness comes to town Feel it in your bones baby As we stand and as we fight The power of the mind relieves this pain Relieves this pain Fall into the dirt of truth Avenge the bitter peace Dance on the face of the holy Lady in white so helpless in red So helpless in red Feel it coming Guiding you through the rough times It's bigger than god When hatred comes to life - it comes to take control Piece by piece we take control - when hatred comes to life When hatred comes to life - like an angel from above We shall all live again!!! This is the way of the real world My empire of dirt grows warm in my heart It all comes down to survival Living through hatred to achieve your love