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Going Down (I Voted For Kodos)

They always told me you shouldn't play with gasoline All it takes is just one spark and you'll start a fire But I said fuck it and I doused myself and lit a match and Now I'm burning up, now I'm going down and.... I feel it, it's coming, it's draping over me Blocking out all of the light, touching everything that I see I used to dream about you, now I can't dream without you But I find that day by day, it goes away On the second day, God divided the light One to rule the day, and one to rule the night And when I look at her, I see her shining down, I think out loud Now I'm going down, now I'm going down and.... It's not the path that I choose, it's just my destiny If you'd bring it back to me, if you'd listen to what I say, girl Wreak everything he gave you, Shun from the light that saves you Still I find that day by day, it goes away Every time, every time I'm walking home Every single time, I walk alone See her standing, see her sitting, see her laying, see her go Now I'm moving on, now I'm going down and.... I draw the shadows around me, I push the sun light away And it affects the way I feel, and that's the way I feel today I used to dream about you, girl I can't dream with out you now Yeah everyday, it never goes away