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Xena (I Voted For Kodos)

Xena Xena you're the best I would like to palm your breast Shove your ass onto the floor Make you holler, scream for more Maybe when we're done with the set All night long I'll keep you wet Xena Xena, you're so great I think about you when I masturbate Ba ba ba ba ba Me so H-O-R-N-Y When I'm looking at your thighs Your B-R-E-A-S-Ts Really make me so happy M-A-D-F-U-C-K All night long, everyday D-O-G-G-Y-S-T-Y-L-E Come on Xena, get down on your knees Ba ba ba ba ba Now they've gone and put me in jail Just because I read your mail Staking out in your back yard Looking at you undress makes me hard Gabriel is nice and fine But you're the one who's on my mind Xena Xena, you're the shit