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Cinderella (Allen Andrew)

There’s a place that we ought to go to, be alone If it’s cool with you I’ll take you there Seems a little pretentious if I assume you might just follow me, So I’ll walk ten steps behind [Pre-Chorus] If you’re looking for love, you ain’t gonna find it here, It’s all about fear, get your pretty self over here now And if you want me to know, you best be explainin’ yourself, ‘Cause I got a few questions of my own. [Chorus] Why don’t you tell me what you think about those ladies, ladies, ladies, And I’ll tell you what I think about them fellas, fellas, fellas, I’ll show to you the reason, I’ll show you I’m the one, to make it right There’s a life that we try to hide and, move away When the clock strikes twelve are you Cinderella poor or princess now, Why the mess of lies and phony, advertising, yeah, When it’s gonna hurt you, not gonna hurt him when he’s got another glass slipper [Pre-Chorus – Chorus] This is what I heard her say: I’m the girl with the pretty blue eyes who wants to love tonight I’m the guy who knows how to give the lovin’ that is right, but she said: I’m the girl with the pretty little smile who wants to show you how I’m the guy who didn’t really care one back or even now but… [Pre-Chorus – Chorus]