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Facebook Prophet (Allen Andrew)

Everybody goes: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Everybody says: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Everybody knows: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch Where everybody goes: doon-ch, doo doon-ch, doo doon-ch You ask if I’m a spaceman so I tell you what I know, That Heaven sent or just Hell bent I’ll show you where to go Confusion reigns supreme but I, I offer clarity, And if you wanna walk another mile in my shoes, you won’t like what I see You’re standing in that welfare line with all your family Compassion fell, but who as well decides who should be We’re bound by old complacency and liquor is our vice But every other day’s the same as all the ones before, say “ah, now ain’t that nice!” We hear the people cryin’ all the while children dyin’ We all a Facebook prophecy, sayin’ “Anthony’s a Zombie” and “Julia is bored with all this life” Well you ask if I’m a liar or if I think there’s really more, I say sell you stuff and be done with it, and march on out that door, Everybody wants that solid answer tellin’ them that they are fine yeah, But all the people I’m associatin’ myself with, we won’t walk that line Well, if I tell you it’s all backwards would you tell me I was wrong? You see these things and you feel these stings but you act like you’re so strong But if we flop it on its head again with some sense of urgency, Than some 520 Ethiopian brothers and sisters, can finally eat as much as me!