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Love Life (Allen Andrew)

We said we don’t have room in this corner view for two, so how about three But English Bay looks nice today, so mmm, what do you say? The city lights are like paradise and that air, it’s loving tonight But something inside said to go for a ride, just pick up, it’s time to move on, It told me just to love that life, I gave it to you, Find what’s right, I’ll show it to you Just love life, it’s alright If painted faces and sugar-pop kids can dream, then why shouldn’t we? The surf keeps ragin’ and we’re just agin’ it seems just a little each day Why we would we wait for the right wave to break on the off chance, we’re already gone? If love lasts hours and hurt grows flowers it’s all somehow meant to belong Oh I’m looking for you girl, and I know you’ve been looking for me Let’s take coloring books and a bag of those good looks to the beach and see what we see…oh There’s so much strife for the afterlife and when you get it, it’s already gone And it’s circumstance that we blame on chance, and it’s chance that we take the blame on Well life takes kicks and those politics, watch the church, they’re voting out God But we’ll keep our reason and love each season of change as we just roll along