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Not Loving You (Allen Andrew)

Well this probably couldn’t be, the life I tried to see with my own eyes, And I really oughtta be, a little more discreet with my true cries, yeah And it really seems to me, that I’m the only me in my true lies, I’m the only one that I can blame Take my time getting up so I mess out the morning, not loving you Spend my time tapping keys casting blame in the afternoon, not loving you Let my eyes get too tired then I lay down beside you, oooooo Wasting too much of your precious time, not loving you Well it really starts to show when the dogs don’t even know that I live here And I really oughtta know that I get a little slow when I drink beer But I’m really glad to go, to the places we don’t know in this next year, I’ll start loving you over again Oh oh, well I’m sorry for the weekend, Oh oh, and another days gone again, Oh oh, and I know you’re loving your best friend we just need some time together Oh oh, and it’s life that’s getting in my way, Oh oh, that’s excuse number 9 today Oh oh, and I know I can turn it around if I spend more time loving you