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Letter To The Council (Famous Last Words)

Thank you for joining us, and welcome to The Council. It is my whole hearted pleasure to inform each and every one of you, whom that you have departed from your physical human form and are now dead. You are a remarkable group of souls. You are in a place that I like to call The Land Of Deceased. As many of you may have already realized, the memories of your previous lives are already begun to fade. Although, you may not remember or understand, I can assure you, that each and every one of you are in deep connectivity. Connected in your previous lives and now again in death. To make relieve that your death means the end of you as an entity, for this is false. You have all been given a very special opportunity that most souls do not have the good fortune or privilege of receiving. The opportunity of taking in closure and understanding. The opportunity to obtain sublime insight into your previous life. I'm not here to judge you, I'm not here to preach. My role here is to guide you as we search through your past and to help you connect the dots and reveal to you the Truth. To show you how our, to show you how our souls survive.