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My Life Before My Eyes (Famous Last Words)

I lie here waiting for one of my sons to walk right through my door But no one’s coming Cause everyone I’ve loved is lost I’m on my own My greatest fear is here And I don’t want to die alone I want my family They always said they needed me But I need them more It’s getting hard to breathe And I feel the cold And it’s taking over I see my friends and family And my boys are by my side Before it all went wrong Before the both of them had died And I will try Just to go back to a time when I knew I had it all I’d give anything to have them here beside me But that’ll never be I’m all alone Dear god how did this happen to me? You left me with no purpose and left them both to bleed They killed my boy at home and the other overseas So now I’m left to rot alone and die in this hospital If they could both just be here now I’d let them know before I go I was so damn proud But they are never coming home So now I’m left to rot alone and die in this hospital Give it up surrender Let it all subside there’s no one by your side You’ll never, you’ll never win this battle within Your time has come, your body’s going numb now give in My skin goes cold as I’m barely breathing My body’s done I’ve lost all control I want my sons right here beside me But now they’re both gone, and I don’t want to die alone I’m starting to feel my vitals failing I’m drifting away to the dark unknown Death sinks in as it overcomes me My greatest fear is here I don’t want to die alone As the last beat of my old heart subsides The doctors call the time, it looks like I’ve died alone.