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Better Ways To Die (Death Before Dishonor)

You're hearing two sides of the same old bullshit story in your head Your words are poison empty promises that make the streets run red From the TV... To the books... All you'll ever get from me is cold words and empty stares You signed my family up now they're all off to die for Uncle Sam The profit margins growing quicker - blood stained money in your hands I am the animal... killing machine... but don't hold your breath... Cause all you'll get from me is cold words Cold words and empty stares Your wallet's swollen but your soul is so bare - but hard men Hard men - we come so rare Won't cast a ballot and I won't buy your fear Cause I'm a free fucking man... all grudges aside I got better things to fight for... and better ways to die You think we've come so fucking far because the packaging is fresh But it's the same they're all the same until their final dying breath I'm no sucker... I can see The bullshit piles higher than the bodies of our neighbor's families Hard times they never end It's sill around we gotta sing it again the hard days Hard days they come like the rain They'll flood the streets until we all feel the pain But I'm a free fucking man with truth on my side I got better things to fight for... and better ways to die I can see it up ahead There's another brother dead How many families have to cry Before your wallet's up to size