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Black Cloud (Death Before Dishonor)

I walked away... another wake... another loss we can't take And when disease... comes again... all my strength can't... defend It takes it's toll and I feel beat... that black cloud it loves me I try to run I cover up... in the end we just get fucked Coming down, just like rain And that black cloud won't go away Emptiness... sickening Just one more day to test my faith And I saw in her eyes... all the pain of endless lives God I wish... I could heal all the suffering... that you take All the air... goes so thin... crashing down lost in In a nightmare... we all share... but the worst I can't bear Loss comes with life I can't deny When the loss hits Like a freight train And the black cloud rains down on me pouring agony And every second, every day I'll take the suffering in the rain And all the while I know someday That black cloud will fade, and let the sun shine on me