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Bloodlust (Death Before Dishonor)

I'll lay you down Broken just what you asked for and more Choking... gasping and gagging... I can't... stop myself can't... help myself It's like a tidal wave taking me over and out Out of my mind Whiled my teeth just grind I can hear you cry Such a sweet release Bringing you to peace Please take all that you said Keep it inside... right in your head No one will know... no one will hear Breaking you down... no need to fear not now I want to know how does it feel inside Bound, beat, through the night I want to hear the sound of what you feel When it's for real I want to feel it all I swear I can smell the blood from here Fell the sweat drip down and mix with tears It's like a chemical in my brain Forcing me to act insane When the flesh is in my clutch It's done, they're all fucked