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Boys In Blue (Death Before Dishonor)

They locked my brother up today Not justified, no reasoning They'll hate on us for how we live Their jealousy, we can't forgive So how am I supposed to be When it's illegal to be free I got my visions, I got my ways I've grown stronger through the days So when it's time to defend what's mine Come out on top every time The boys and blue they got no control Out harassing people they don't know You're just a sheep, no heart or mind Free men always win... in time They pulled me over yesterday They grabbed my crotch and took my pay So what am I supposed to do But disrespect those boys in blue I don't need a badge to hide behind I got my heart, my soul, and my mind I'll win every time I can't forgive the deeds, You take men's will to breathe, Can't set my friends free But I still live my live free, They still can't control me, Can't take what I've seen, Can't change the life I lead You can't change a thing about me You can't take my heart away from me