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So Far From Home (Death Before Dishonor)

So far from home I threw away the regular ways Let the open road take me away In the van most of the day, Working hard just to get up and play Through the sickness, endure the pain, Miss my home but I'm loving these days No security nothing to pay, just fill the van up with gas, And let the open road take me away What's better... safety or truth The grass ain't greener when were letting it loose I get sick of the hardships around But let the wheels hit the ground Take me down to play another town Homesick when I'm so far away Can't count the hours and I can't count the days I've lost so many things in so many ways But what I think really counts, It shines brighter each and every day It's plain to see... we're just scraping by Wait everyday, cover the miles Hit the town so far from my home But 30 minutes a night I'm flying high on this life I know Sleep on the floor, or whatever it takes This shit's for love there's no money to make Our fucking payoff shines brighter than gold We take the lessons we know and all come in from the fucking cold I give my all for the dreams, we always dreamed, living it free I give my life to the road, out in the cold, worth more than gold