For Your Blood (Mos Generator)

There's nothing left for us to hold on to It's all used up - It's all gone through I've made you mine until the end of time Beyond the earth - Beyond the dirt it's true There's nothing left for you You belong to the distant past The choice is made - The spell's been cast You trade your pride for an inheritance The Judas dream is on - It's coming true For your blood For the wasted days And years when they became lost Hey it's your time to crawl Let me see your face The lime before the law The truth is scattered through a pack of lies The truth's a blade that cuts the ties I've made you mine until the end of time You're plagued - The Judas Blame has come for you Praise the sadness of it all The truth becomes the blade That cuts the ties you call... love Embrace the lie that sees it all Feed the earth your fate The lime before the law