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Vineyard (Jackopierce)

It's six o'clock now in the morning As I wait for my train to come To take me somewhere just outside of Boston As I run to find the other sun I'm leaving more behind than I care to talk about Just more pain than this heart and hands can use As this big world's always spinning All that I thought I was winning I never thought I'd lose This great force it takes me to the ferry To cross wind and water so untame I'm on that ship my life just seems so very small In comparison to everything around But there's a girl over there, she's got mahogany hair And her eyes of sweet amethyst I bow as she curtsies It doesn't look like she's going to hurt me So I decide to add her to my list And she said Stay on the Vineyard for the summer Stay on the Vineyard for the year We'll find a little youse down there in Oak Bluffs And our children is all that we'll hear It seems now that I should be going As that one day turned into five or six Although I'm loving all the beautiful things she's Showing, I back up and I'm enveloped by the mist I think that maybe it would be better If I just wrote her a letter But instead she grabs me and we kiss