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Where A Life Goes (Lavette Bettye)

What's it like Who you are? Are you young and beautiful again? Is it sadness that filled up your life? Find the liquor and wash it away Did you ever think about us? Back here in this world of tears and dust Go one I'll keep your secret if you must Where a life goes? What's it like when you wake up? Do you even sleep? Do you wonder where you are? Do you feel the yellow sun? Are you walkin' on streets of cold? Are you laughin' like a child? And the million tears you cry You are long and finally satisfied Where a life goes? I think of all the things that I miss The richest and the cloudless blue I know just how you live your life And you deserve so much more Than you ever knew Are you flowing round somewhere there? I reach your care With all the love that you can bare Where a life goes? In this lonely world we're lost On an angry seed we're tossed But you my dear You made it safe across Where, where Where, where Where a life goes?